PSG don't want out of Parc des Prices, rule out buying Stade de France

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In a report published on Monday morning, L'Equipe discusses the ongoing saga involving PSG and the Paris City Hall when it comes to the acquisition of the Parc des Princes stadium by Paris Saint-Germain and the potential purchase of the Stade de France.

A few days ago, speaking from Qatar, PSG president Nasser Al-Khelaifi threatened the possibility of Paris Saint-Germain leaving their long-time home Parc des Princes. The main reason behind his comments and PSG's current position comes down to revenue streams and boosting the club coffers.

The optimal solution for PSG's board, according to L'Equipe, is "having their own stadium." That has proved difficult, though, and PSG is currently not considering buying the Stade de France.

The France national team stadium's price has been quoted at €600M, reports L'Equipe on Monday. The venue is built to host 80,000 seated people compared to the Parc's near-48,000-seat capacity barely half of the former figure.

As things stand, though, PSG has not entered conversations with the Paris City Hall regarding a potential purchase of the Stade de France. PSG is focused on reaching an agreement to buy the property of the Parc des Princes entirely.

PSG want to buy and expand the Parc des Princes capacity, could still purchase the Stade de France instead

Some of the reasons behind not favoring an eventual move to the Stade de France, according to the French newspaper, are "the location of the stadium" and "the configuration of the arena, including the athletic track."

Of course, the high price of €600M seems to be the other main deal-breaking issue currently present in the negotiations between PSG and the city of Paris.

L'Equipe estimates that PSG is currently operating under a budget of "around €800M" and that the club's board "know that they are reaching the maximum revenue they can generate."

This is what is leading PSG president Al-Khelaifi to pursue the acquisition of his own stadium as the next big step in his tenure as the honcho of Paris Saint-Germain.

Although PSG is getting a good return on investment now, mostly based on "match nights and non-match activities," the board of directors still think that the revenue streams can be boosted by increasing the capacity of the stadium.

"PSG are stuck between the demand that exists and the reduced amount of tickets available (only around 12,000 outside of the ones belonging to season-ticket holders)," explains Nicolas Arndt, PSG's ticketing and hospitality director.

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While building a new stadium is another possibility, PSG would prefer to buy the Parc and expand it on location to 75,000 seats with different architectural projects already submitted to the club.

On a related note, the supporters group "Collectif Ultras Paris" released a statement a few days ago making it clear that they "will do everything they can to defend the place of PSG (which is) at the Parc."