Collectif Ultras Paris releases statement regarding potential Parc des Princes departure

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With all of the ongoing drama regarding the potential departure of PSG from its long-time stadium of the Parc des Princes, the main group of supporters of the club took the main stage and released an official statement on Twitter.

According to Al-Khelaifi, PSG has been trying to acquire 100 percent of the Parisian town-hall-owned Parc des Prices "for five years" to no avail. The president of PSG said to L'Equipe that PSG "have lost five years."

More concerning for the strongest and most long-tenured supporters of the club might be the words of the president regarding a potential move away from the Parc. "We could have already built a new stadium," warned Al-Khelaifi.

That led the supporters to release their statements and views on the current situation.

"It is at the Parc that history has been written!"

Collectif Ultras Paris considered a full statement was needed to clarify their position when it comes to PSG current and future stadium

Collectif Ultras Paris made clear that they want PSG to stay at the Parc for now and forever. "We never thought we would have to fight for PSG, our club, to remain at the Parc des Princes, their home," the note says.

"The possibility of leaving is all the more incomprehensible since expansion projects are already in the pipeline," they wrote. That's in relation to different proposals pitched by architects to the club that could see the Parc expand its capacity to a few more thousand seats.

The group of supporters also made clear that they "have no interest" in interfering in the "discussions, negotiations, and the balance of power between PSG and the town hall of Paris." That said, Collectif Ultras Paris went on to write that they "will fight with all of their might to keep PSG at the Parc."

The positioning of the supporters (both those part of CUP and those outside of that particular group) is quite easy to understand and converges toward the idea of keeping PSG where they've always played their home games instead of moving away to another place--one of the ones floated: the Stade de France.

Interestingly, Collectif Ultras Paris wrote that they "have never considered the town hall as a sincere partner of the club," saying also that they don't think it "supports those that love PSG."

The note also mentions how the collective, while supportive of the idea of a transfer to an investing partner, loathe the idea of "a real estate transaction" that forces PSG out of the Parc des Princes, making also clear that "the renaming of the stadium" will "never be on their agenda."

"For our part, we will do everything we can to defend our conviction: the place of PSG is at the Parc," they finished.