PSG 4-3 Lille: Was winning this game really worth it?

Paris Saint-Germain V  Lille OSC, French Ligue 1 regular season.
Paris Saint-Germain V Lille OSC, French Ligue 1 regular season. / Tim Clayton - Corbis/GettyImages
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Paris Saint-Germain v Lille OSC: French Ligue 1
Paris Saint-Germain v Lille OSC: French Ligue 1 / Christian Liewig - Corbis/GettyImages

Neymar and Messi saved PSG but that might actually mean bad news for Paris Saint-Germain

Saying that we're not happy with a PSG win would be lying. Saying that this come-from-behind miracle-win is the best thing that could have happened to Paris Saint-Germain yesterday, though, would be stretching things more than a bit.

A loss to Lille, even more one in a game that PSG got to lead by 2-0 before collapsing and allowing three unconested goals, perhaps would have sealed the firing of Christophe Galtier on Monday morning and also left Luis Campos hanging from a thread, if not fired along with Galtier.

The win, thanks to a supremely gifted Mbappe hitting a monster strike and to another magical touch by this little alien called Messi from a foul kick, kept Galtier sitting safe in the manager seat at PSG.

There is not a viable path for Nasser Al-Khelaifi to fire the coach after Galtier lost but still survived the first-leg match against Bayern, let alone after finally helping PSG win for the first time in four attempts.

There is, also, no physical time between the game against Olympique Marseille next Sunday night and the second leg at Munich for PSG to axe Galtier, bring a replacement, and try to earn a victory on the road in the Champions League.

The season, and most importantly the future of PSG, was just 15 minutes from looking very different to how it looks today had Mbappe and Messi not worked their magic. Zinedine Zinade could have been on the bench next Sunday. Thomas Tuchel might have tried to lift the UCL as he did at Chelsea getting appointed mid-season. Even Jose Mourinho could have entered the picture!

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And of course, Luis Campos might have spent the rest of the year at Celta Vigo, where he feels more apt to work than in Paris. Now, PSG will have to go with whatever they have in place, spent the next few weeks and months delaying the inevitable, and start from scratch next season.

But hey, Messi is still donning Michel Jordan and GOAT-branded threads while helping (?) PSG win games!