PSG's Luis Enrique confident of knocking out FC Barcelona from Champions League

Before the pivotal Champions League quarter-final clash against FC Barcelona, Luis Enrique spoke at the customary press conference
Just before the pivotal Champions League quarter-final clash with FC Barcelona, Luis Enrique spoke at the customary press conference.
Just before the pivotal Champions League quarter-final clash with FC Barcelona, Luis Enrique spoke at the customary press conference. / FRANCK FIFE/GettyImages

On the eve of the crucial Champions League quarter-final showdown between PSG and FC Barcelona, Luis Enrique addressed the traditional press conference. It was an opportunity for the PSG coach to meet with the press in Barcelona and discuss the pre-match proceedings.

How are the Parisians feeling?

"The key will be in the mindset. I see a confident team. I believe we will have a great match."

Luis Enrique, convinced that PSG will win

"This second match is a bit different. We haven't played since the first leg, we've had time to analyze and improve our performance. The first leg was highly contested. The result doesn't reflect what we deserved. We could have drawn. But we have this result. We must show a better version of ourselves. We are convinced that we will turn the situation around."

About pleasing the fans

"We hadn't lost in 27 matches. It was the least desired day. We must pick ourselves up and improve. We shouldn't exaggerate this defeat, we must accept it. We must prepare to have a good match tomorrow. We want to bring joy to our fans."

Bradley Barcola's physical condition

"Barcola is ready to play. We have twenty-three players. I don't know if they will play more or fewer minutes."

About the first leg match

"After a defeat, obviously, the two days after the match have been difficult. We struggle to regain our physical and mental form at that moment. But there is another match, against the same opponent. We know what we want to do, and we are in a good moment."

Preference for Camp Nou

"I would have preferred to play at Camp Nou, like all the fans. Camp Nou is a legendary stadium. I always like to play in the biggest stadiums, but here is also a good stadium for this match."

Preparation for the second leg match

"We fall, we get up. It's a high-level sport. We must be accustomed to that. We have had time to better prepare our game plan. And I repeat, we are ready [...] All the players on my team want to win. Everyone who is part of PSG. PSG has never been able to qualify after losing in the first leg, but tomorrow we will."

The defeat in the first leg, a necessary evil?

"We will play in the same way, and Barcelona too. There will be goals. It will be an exciting match [...] Maybe yes. I have a group of very united players, where there are no egos. I am happy with what the players do on the field. Many deserve to play more, but unfortunately, it's not possible. But no one complains."

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Brief analysis of the first leg match

"At times, we were clearly superior, except for 25 minutes where Barcelona had three or four corners. And with one corner, they turned the result around. Tomorrow will be a complicated match for both teams. We have the goal and ambition to advance."