PSG, Legends already working to find a place to build a brand-new stadium

Parc des Princes Stadium
Parc des Princes Stadium / Jerome Prevost/GettyImages

French media outlet L'Equipe is reporting an ongoing partnership between PSG and the company Legends (in the business of market research) in order to find a place to build a new stadium as the club plans to leave the Parc des Princes ground in the next few months.

With the saga of the Parc Exit still alive and well and making headlines for a while now, this marks a new chapter in the long-tenured story between PSG and the town of Paris regarding the stadium.

Paris Saint-Germain seems to be determined to leave their home once and for all after using it since the inception of the club back in 1970. There are multiple options on the table, from moving to an already-available stadium (such as the Stade de France) to building a new venue from the ground.

PSG and their board of owners seem to favor the latter option, and they're already working with market researchers from Legends to find the best possible place in Paris and its surroundings to build a new stadium for the club to start using in a few years upon completion.

The French newspaper is reporting that PSG have already "commissioned an intermediary" so they can "help find a site for the construction of a new stadium" considering the club is seriously considering a "possible departure from the Parc des Princes."

According to research made by L'Equipe, Legends "has already worked in football with Real Madrid, Liverpool, Manchester City, or Tottenham" while the company has also helped with "Wimbledon and several NFL franchises such as the Las Vegas Raiders, the Dallas Cowboys, or the New York Giants" in matters related to "market research."

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With the city of Paris straight refusing to sell the Parc to PSG, the club has already moved on and is looking for future solutions in advance of the inevitable move away from their current stadium.