PSG Feminine: Squad for the French Cup final

Gerard Precheur, PSG Feminine
Gerard Precheur, PSG Feminine / ANP/GettyImages

Gerard Precheur's official PSG Feminine squad for Saturday's French Cup final with Olympique Lyonnais has been released. Here's your full list of players who will be heading over to Orleans.

Paris Saint-Germain squad for the French Cup final.


Costance Picaud, Sarah Bouhaddi


Elisa De Almeida, Sakina Karchaoui, Amanda Ilestedt, LI Mengwen, Ashley Lawrence


Oriane Jean-Francois, Grace Geyoro, Kheira Hamraoui, Sandy Baltimore, Laurina Fazer, Jackie Groenen, Korbin Albert, Elimbi Gilbert


Ramona Bachmann, Amalie Vansgaard, Lieke Martens, Mansitta Traore

Who's missing from this list?

Marie-Antoniette Katoto, Kadidatou Diani, Barbora Votikova, Pauline Dudek, Berglind Thorvaldsdottir, Magnaba Folquet, Marina Georgieva, Benedicte Simon

PSG post predicted Line-up:

Sarah Bouhaddi
Sarah Bouhaddi, PSG Feminine / Visionhaus/GettyImages

Starting keeper, most likely, would be Sarah Bouhaddi. With usual goalkeeper Barbora Votikova out due to injury, this season has been a toss between Constance Picaud and Sarah Bouahddi.

Bouhaddi has the most experience with finals, and most of that experience has come with her former club, Lyon, who will be her rivals on Saturday.

Oriane Jean-Francois
Oriane Jean-Francois, PSG Feminine / Ryan Pierse/GettyImages

Ashley Lawrence and Sakina Karchaoui will start their usual fullback positions for the defense. De Almeida will keep her crucial role in defense. Though there is usually a rotation between Jean-Francois and Grace Geyoro for the fourth player at the back, after being assigned this role in the last two games, Jean-Francois has more of a chance of being picked.

Jackie Groenen, PSG Feminine / OSCAR DEL POZO/GettyImages

The midfielders typically see a change in personnel when picked. Captain Grace Geyoro will most likely find her spot in the middle, accompanied by Kheira Hamraoui and Jackie Groenen.

Amalie Vangsgaard, PSG Feminine / FRANCK FIFE/GettyImages

While the team's main forwards are out, names are still available to be called upon.

Sandy Baltimore and Amalie Vangsgaard both should start, but it is unknown if Bachmann will. She spent the previous match on the bench and could play only 25 minutes; this came from an injury she picked up during training. I presume she will likely start, but if not, Lieke Martens and this will take her place.

PSG Feminine travel to Orleans in a bid for the French Cup trophy; check out the full match preview here.