PSG 5-4 Saudi All-Star XI: Christophe Galtier thinks "it's a shame" the game wasn't 11 vs. 11


PSG enjoyed a warm mid-season tour around Qatar and Saudi Arabia in which they played and defeated 5-4 a combined All-Star team with players picked from Al-Hilal and Al-Nassr and captained by Cristiano Ronaldoandcoached by Marcelo Gallardoon Thursday, Jan. 19.

Everybody, whether they accept it or not, was watching this game yesterday even if they could only go through the first 10 minutes of play before closing their streaming tabs. Even then, that would have already served them well to watch Messi score a gem. Not bad!

The coach of PSG, Christophe Galtier, didn't quite address the media after the match between the Parisian and the Ronaldo Mob, but he still shared some words after the friendly Middle East meeting. Here are the most interesting thoughts he shared.

Asked about the match between PSG and the Riyadh Season Team finishing with a total of nine goals scored...

"Yes, many goals in a beautiful stadium (King Fahd Stadium), with a great atmosphere."

"I had the privilege of attending the Argentina-Saudi Arabia game in Doha (in the World Cup) and I saw the fervor of the Saudi fans."

Christophe Galtier: "There are some things we'll have to work on, especially set pieces."

"Tonight, we saw a stadium ignited with a lot of cheering."

"I liked the way they honored the many stars that were on the field. They paid a nice tribute."

About the lessons learned from this unbridled match which PSG didn't take seriously at all...

"It's a shame that it's not a match that is played eleven against eleven (Bernat was sent off in the 39th minute)."

"The referee surely applied the rules (though Galtier didn't seem to be pleased with that being the case)."

"There were interesting things. We scored goals, but there are some things we'll have to work on (when PSG return to training), especially set pieces."

"(Playing an actual match) allowed us to work on the game and instead of doing, for example, a training session which would have been hard at this time of the week in bad weather conditions in Paris."

"The climate here (was better) and (playing) a game (was good for keeping up the) rhythm and intensity."

"It had also been a long time since we had everyone available and on the field. When everyone is on the field, there are interesting things."

"All things considered, there will be things to work on."

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The PSG contingent is already back in Paris and getting ready for some more important things going forward, starting next Monday, Jan. 23 with a game against Pays de Cassel for a place in the French Cup Round of 16 if they get a rather expected victory.