PSG 3-1 Lens: Individual Grades of the Paris Saint-Germain players

Kylian Mbappe, Lionel Messi, PSG
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Deiver Machado, Achraf Hakimi
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PSG vs Lens - Grades: Defenders

5 - Hakimi: He didn't have to do a lot, but what he did he didn't do wrong. Hakimi actually should just earn a positive grade for somehow being able to stay on the pitch after suffering a murderous tackle to his ankle, which miraculously didn't finish his night on Saturday not even 20 minutes into the game.

6 - Sergio Ramos: The perfect situation for a physically struggling defender. Lens sat deep in their area and found themselves down 3-0 by the end of the first half, and although they pushed forward and hard through the last 45 minutes Ramos didn't have to sweat it to prevent any damage from the visitors. Nothing remarkable.

5 - Danilo: Perhaps one of the "worst" games of his season, but even then he was good enough to earn a passing grade returning to the midfield where he plays his best football. It took Galtier getting into a 11v10 matchup following the Lens red card early in the game to change his 3-5-2 to a proper 4-3-3, but when he did it was all for the benefit of Danilo—loved it, although, of course, he was never going to be any deciding factor with PSG going up 3-0 early.

6 - Marquinhos: Good defensive efforts by Marquinhos when PSG needed him to put on the clamps on the Lens forwards. Not that there was a lot of work to be done on that front, but he was solid every time the game demanded his actions and he captained the team without much trouble. Left the pitch late subbed off and handed the armband to Mbappe in a rather nice touch in celebration of the forward's record-breaking 139 Ligue 1 goals.

6 - Nuno Mendes: Not the Mendes we've grown accustomed to through his first full season donning PSG threads, but definitely a fantastic outing by the Portuguese left-back considering he entered play in the first two goals scored by PSG on Saturday. He lacked the lively runs forward he usually pulls off, but it's not that Lens made those possible by sitting deep after they got one man sent off.

NR - Bernat: Brief cameo with little to mention other than he was visibly struggling to defend against an all-offensive Lens by the time he entered the pitch. Not that he really did anything remarkably bad, though.