Lionel Messi to leave PSG for Argentina next June? New details emerge


French media outlet RMC Sport published a few new details about Lionel Messi's prospective move away from the Parc des Princes on Tuesday. According to the latest whispers and information, including leaks by the very own Sergio Aguero, Messi might be thinking about leaving PSG next June to join Argentine side Newell's Old Boys.

Messi is expected to play a charity match in Rosario in June. This has only amplified the rumors about the world champion joining his boyhood club Newell's come the summer when his deal at PSG will run out, with that organization based in Messi's native town of Rosario.

Although it is obvious that Messi still has enough fuel in him to keep playing at the top level in Europe, it is also true that having won the World Cup with Argentina last December Messi has already earned all trophies he could have ever dreamed of and has nothing left to prove at the most elite of competitive levels.

A few days ago, media outlets from Argentina announced the friendly to be played in Rosario at the Marcelo Bielsa Stadium of Newell's Old Boys, in which Messi will participate next summer. The game will pay homage to retired Argentina international Maxi Rodriguez, a legend of Newell's, and is currently scheduled for June 16, after the end of European competitions.

The fact that Messi participates in a symbolic meeting for the farewell of one of his former teammates in the national team does not imply that he will soon return to the Argentine championship. This, though, is seen by Newell's supporters as an opportunity to convince Messi to return home.

After Argentina won the World Cup, Sergio Aguero, one of the closest friends of Messi, appeared in a live interview in which he leaked insight information about Messi's future when he said that "Leo is seriously considering the possibility of playing for Newell's," a few days ago.

Maxi Rodriguez, who played at Newell's until January 2022 before retiring for good, was live with Aguero when the also-retired Argentina international shared his knowledge. Rodriguez quickly jumped into the scene, saying that "Aguero can't stay quiet," and that "we'll see (what happens with Messi)." Rodriguez thinks "it's difficult to talk about that because it immediately causes huge rumors to spread," so according to the retiree the best approach is "[to be] patient and see what happens."

RMC also informed about "a meeting between Gabriel Heinze and Lionel Messi" which they know happened "on December 20 in the neighborhood of Rosario where Messi lives." According to RMC, "[Heinze and Messi] do not live far from each other and have been friends since their years together in the national team." It is also important to note that Heinze is currently coaching Newell's. According to the Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo, "the meetings (between Heinze and Messi) in the days following the World Cup triumph were to start realizing Leo's dream (of playing in his native Argentina)".

In Argentina, of course, the dream of watching Messi playing at home is very present and it keeps taking shape step by step, little by little.

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The seven-time Ballon d'Or has only played one official game in Rosario in his professional career, in September 2009 during an Argentina-Brazil international match.