Do PSG have a talent problem in their bench?

Chateauroux v Paris Saint-Germain - French Cup
Chateauroux v Paris Saint-Germain - French Cup / Xavier Laine/GettyImages

Despite the victory over Chateauroux and qualification for the next round of the French Cup, PSG still have a problem on their bench. Substitutes continue to disappoint.

Without their stars, however, PSG achieved the most important thing yesterday against Chateauroux. Victorious (3-1) against the 14th-place team in the French third division, the capital club qualified for the round of 32 of the French Cup.

But it was tough as the two teams were still tied by the 78th minute. It took two goals (from Soler and Bernat) to seal victory against a largely outmatched team--on paper, at least. This is also the other observation to be made. The PSG bench is in trouble, as usually happens season after season.

At the kick-off, Galtier had lined up the young Bitshiabu, Zaire-Emery, and Gharbi, as well as Soler, Sarabia, and Ekitike. On paper, this team looks very good.

The Titis had a solid performance overall, especially since the last two mentioned were celebrating their first professional appearance and Zaire-Emery even turned into the youngest PSG player to start a game.

Gharbi, despite a slowdown at the end, excelled and provided an assist for Ekitike in the first half. With this 3rd goal of the season, the latter also begins to appear, little by little.

Pablo Sarabia and Carlos Soler, unable to make a difference

The youngsters did not disappoint per se, but during this match, the most experienced of substitutes did so while on duty next to them. Of course, we are talking about Carlos Soler (26) and Pablo Sarabia (30).

Once again the two Spaniards disappointed everybody linked to the PSG organization on Friday night, and it is starting to happen all too often. In the case of Soler, he was "saved" only by his goal because before it was almost invisible playing in a midfielder position, where Galtier keeps insisting on placing him.

As for Sarabia, it is hard to recognize him since his return to the French capital. Back after his very good season on loan at Sporting CP, the Spanish winger continues to fail. The desire to do well is there, but it doesn't achieve much.

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Yesterday again, the start of the game from him was promising before disappearing completely. His playing time is certainly not much (19 appearances), but he has had multiple clear scoring chances, wasting most of them and not being decisive this season with the club.

An anomaly that worries and that does not encourage Galtier and his staff to trust them for the future.