A dilemma continues to worry PSG regarding the future of their star

  • Xavi Simons isn't fully convinced about returning to PSG
  • His future remains uncertain, but a short-term loan seems most realistic
  • Several Premier League clubs are already inquiring about Simons
A dilemma continues to worry PSG regarding the future of their star.
A dilemma continues to worry PSG regarding the future of their star. / Catherine Steenkeste/GettyImages

It's been quite challenging for PSG to retain this star, and past lack of confidence may come back to haunt them in the present and future, as his potential continues to grow by the day.

One of the best talents of his generation, Xavi Simons, doesn't see PSG as his priority. The Dutch footballer finds himself in a complicated position regarding his future. Despite competing in the EURO with his national team, speculation abounds regarding his next destination.

L'Equipe confirms that, although Simons doesn't completely rule out the possibility of returning to PSG, this option seems increasingly remote. He doesn't view Ligue 1 as a competitive enough league to further his development as a footballer. Therefore, his stay and comfort at Leipzig appear to be the most attractive option for him at the moment.

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The uncertain future of PSG's elusive star

The issue of rotations, a common practice under Luis Enrique throughout the season, worries the 22-year-old footballer. Simons aspires to take on a leadership role and lead the team, something that could clash with PSG's vision.

If Xavi Simons chooses not to return to PSG, it's likely he'll be loaned out again, possibly to Leipzig, and his permanent sale could be finalized midway or towards the end of the season. Several Premier League teams, such as Arsenal and Manchester United, have shown interest in him, which could appeal to the footballer.

However, PSG shouldn't be too concerned about whether Xavi Simons returns or not. If the club achieves a successful sale, they could find promising players in the market like Desire Doue or Maghnes Akliouche, who would fit well into the Parisian team.