Zinedine Zidane doesn't want to study, so Chelsea don't want him

Chelsea FC v Liverpool FC - Premier League
Chelsea FC v Liverpool FC - Premier League / Visionhaus/GettyImages

As good a manager as Zinedine Zidane is, there is one thing potentially blocking his path toward getting hired as the new Chelsea manager, according to football insider Jonathan Johnson.

Writing in his latest newsletter about prospective future Chelsea managers, Johnson noticed how Mauricio Pochettino and Julian Nagelsmann are the leading candidates for the position above French world champion Zidane because of a very simple reason: the former Real Madrid manager doesn't know how to communicate in English.

Johnson said that "there'd be a lot of logic to Mauricio Pochettino returning to the Premier League," even though the insider acknowledges Pochettino "didn’t have great success at PSG."

"There’d be risks associated with going back to Tottenham, and also the role at Chelsea," wrote Johnson about Pochettino's future in the Premier League. "If he suffers another setback in his career it could really derail things."

Zinedine Zidane doesn't want to study English, and that might end his dreams of coaching in the Premier League

Regarding Zinedine Zidane, Johnson points out that "his name has come up a few times," before adding that the French manager "doesn’t appear to be in contention right now."

Explaining that remark, Johnson goes on to say that his understanding is that Zidane "has tended to distance himself from jobs in the Premier League as he waits for a job with a club in France or with the French national team." That's not shocking at all.

Shocking, though, is the fact that Johnson revealed Zidane "would need to massively improve his English," with the journalist thinking "that's one reason he’s hung a lot of hope on a return to France." Johnson wrote that he "wouldn’t be surprised" if Zidane arriving in the Premier League "never comes to fruition."

In other words, Zidane is ditching a move to the best and most profitable league in the world because he refuses to take a couple of English lessons.

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To which we have to say: PSG better be thankful to this stubborn coach, as Zidane only wanting to land in the France national team (hard after Didier Deschamps' extension) or in the Ligue 1 (with PSG the only realistic option) brings him more than one step closer to arriving in Paris in the next few months.