Xavi Simons: "I'd have the last word on a return to PSG"

Real Madrid v Paris Saint-Germain: Round Of Sixteen Leg Two - UEFA Champions League
Real Madrid v Paris Saint-Germain: Round Of Sixteen Leg Two - UEFA Champions League / David Ramos/GettyImages

Former PSG forward and Netherlands international Xavi Simons spoke to the Spanish newspaper Marca on Thursday and touched on multiple topics related to his past and future in the French capital and his links to Paris Saint-Germain.

Now playing for PSV in his native country of Netherlands, Simons has turned into a sensation overnight performing to extenuatingly great levels for the Dutch giants, which sit fourth in the Eredivisie table.

Simons has scored the second-most goals in the division to date with 10, and he's also assisted 5 more goals to his teammates through 21 games played in the Dutch top-flight division.

Here are some excerpts from the interview Simons conceded to Marca on Thursday, most of them regarding his opinions about PSG and his relationship with the Parisian organization and their players.

Why did Simons leave FC Barcelona so early?

"It ended for different reasons, for a couple of things that I will tell people when it's time. I am very grateful to Barcelona, and I will always have a lot of affection for the club and the people. My family still lives there. It is a very important city for me."

Why did Simons choose Paris and PSG?

"Paris pitched a very nice project. They trusted me a lot and they showed it. That's why I decided to go with them."

"It was not easy (moving to Paris at 16 years old). You go to another country, with another language. After spending my whole life in Barcelona, ​​I adapted very well. In the second year, I joined the first team at the age of 17. I can also say that I have learned a lot there."

Who helped Simons when he arrived in Paris?

"Being able to speak Spanish, French, and Dutch... I could almost talk to everyone. Neymar, knowing me since I was little (Simons and Neymar were both part of Barcelona's organization when the former was in the underage teams), helped me a lot. We had a very good relationship. He practically took care of me like a son. I will be eternally grateful."

How was it for Simons to share a locker room with Mbappe, Messi, and the rest of the PSG superstars?

"The day-to-day with them is incredible. To see them train... just imagine. Also Sergio Ramos, Marquinhos, etc... people you've seen on TV all your life and now training with them and being able to play with them I think it's been very nice."

Did Real Madrid try to sign Xavi Simons? Did they enter negotiations to sign him before he moved to PSG?

"There were things, but nothing concrete. In the end, I decided to go to PSV and take that step looking at the national team opportunity as this move would bring me closer to it. Being able to show every week the football that I can play for the people in my country was also an important factor. You never know what can happen in the future, though."

Is Simons thinking of going back to PSG?

"I have signed five years at PSV and I am very happy. I don't know what can happen in the future."

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Can PSG buy Xavi Simons back?

"There is a buy-back option that PSG can use, but ultimately the decision is mine. I have to accept to move back there if they pull that trigger. In the end, I have the last word."