Xavi Simons, "happy" at Leipzig to start the season but not thinking about next year

RB Leipzig v VfL Bochum 1848 - Bundesliga
RB Leipzig v VfL Bochum 1848 - Bundesliga / Cathrin Mueller/GettyImages

Dutch attacking midfielder Xavi Simons has refused to discuss any transfer rumors linking him to a possible longer tenure at Leipzig instead of returning to PSG at the end of this season, but he asserted his happiness with his current club for now.

Despite being one of the few Dutch players on the field against France last Friday, Simons faced questions about his future at a club level during the post-match press interaction.

Earlier in the week, German press reports hinted at a potential second consecutive loan at Leipzig once this season is over. Simons has been supportive of the club's decision to loan him this year, is said to have actively endorsed this choice as he's enjoyed quite a season in Germany.

Talks of a one-season loan extension between the two clubs are reportedly underway, which would see Simons play in Germany through June 2025.

When asked about the possibility of returning to Paris next summer Simons sidestepped the question, although he made clear his current happiness at Leipzig. He said, "I am happy at Leipzig and I don't think of anything else--we are having a very, very exciting season."

In a nod to his opponent on Friday, Kylian Mbappe, Simons expressed admiration for the entire France national side. Simons said, "He is a high-level player, but it's not just him—the team is very solid. But it's always a pleasure to play against someone you've played with before."