Women's World Cup 2023 : Quarter-finals Round-up

Grace Geyoro
Grace Geyoro / Quinn Rooney/GettyImages

With the final of the World Cup just around the corner, the Paris Saint-Germain players gave their all for their nations in the hopes of reaching the upcoming semi-finals.

Sadly, for all the remaining PSG players, they were not able to overcome their opponents and have all now exited the World Cup.

Here is the overview of the final games for the Parisiennes.

France (6 PSG Players)

France 0-0 Australia

Australia win 7-6 on penalties.

Constance Picaud - Did not play.

Sakina Karchaoui - Full 120 minutes played. Completed 34 accurate passes and scored during the penalty shoot-out.

Elisa De Almeida - Taken off at 119 minutes. 34 accurate passes were completed, and two tackles were won.

Estelle Cascarino - Did not enter.

Grace Geyoro - Played the full game, and scored her penalty during the shoot-out.

Laurina Fazer - On the bench.

Netherlands (2)

Spain 2-1 Netherlands

Lieke Martens - 120 minutes played. During these minutes, three shots were attempted.

Jackie Groenen - Full 120 played.

And with that, the journey for the PSG players in the WWC comes to an end. Also, France and Netherlands will have to continue to wait for their turn to claim the much-wanted trophy.

Four teams remain in with a chance, as England and Australia face each other in the semi-final, and Sweden have a meeting with Spain.

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