Will Christophe Galtier change PSG for Olympique Marseille?

Christophe Galtier, PSG, Olympique Marseille
Christophe Galtier, PSG, Olympique Marseille / Xavier Laine/GettyImages

Current-but-soon-former PSG manager Christophe Galtier could be on the verge of pulling off the ultimate betrayal by signing with Olympique Marseille to become the new manager of OM.

Galtier's days as the coach of Paris Saint-Germain are numbered. Pending finalizing the compensation he will receive from their current employers, the sacking is inevitable and the writing has been on the wall for more than a month, if not further back.

Nevertheless, Galtier might be able to find himself a shiny new bench to set up camp once he's dismissed by his current club. While the possibility of him joining Napoli has faded away in recent days, Galtier's former club, Olympique Marseille, has shown interest in acquiring his services.

After the departure of Igor Tudor, Marseille had approached Marcelo Gallardo and Paulo Fonseca, both of whom declined the offer to take over the manager position at OM. While Marseille is currently considering Marcelino as a potential candidate, Galtier's name has resurfaced strongly in recent hours as a more than possible candidate to appoint by the Marseille club.

Le Provence reported on Monday, June 19, that the option of Galtier "holds weight and is being seriously considered internally as a genuine alternative." However, it remains to be seen whether Galtier would be willing to make a direct move to Marseille considering he still needs to negotiate his departure from PSG.

RMC Sport states that Galtier has yet to discuss the terms of his exit, leaving the situation at a standstill between him and PSG. This impasse may potentially slow down any progress with Marseille, though, hurting his chances at taking the position with the pre-season quickly approaching.

It is worth noting that Galtier has also been linked to a coaching opportunity in Saudi Arabia, as reported by FootMercato.

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Could PSG bake some sweetener into Galtier's compensation so he doesn't join OM? Will Galtier force PSG's hand into paying him more in order for that to happen, using the rumors about his arrival at OM to gain some leverage? In all honesty, who knows when it comes to PSG and their daily matters...