Which numbers will Marco Asensio and Manuel Ugarte wear at PSG?

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PSG's first two summer signings, Manuel Ugarte and Marco Asensio, should be officially announced by the club shortly. Their respective numbers have not yet been announced, although there are several options available for them.

Paris already has its first two summer signings, not counting Milan Skriniar, who already signed last February. In the next few days or even hours, PSG should formalize the arrivals of Marco Asensio and Manuel Ugarte. The two players will open a new chapter in their careers wearing the Parisian jersey. But for now, their numbers are still unknown.

Marco Asensio could take over Angel Di Maria's former number

If you're a striker, you'll probably like to wear numbers 7, 9, 10, or 11. Number 7 is obviously reserved for Kylian Mbappe and number 10 for Neymar (at least for now). On the other hand, number 9 is usually reserved for the center forward, who PSG are still looking for.

Leaving those out, 11 is still available. Marco Asensio had already used this number during his time at Real Madrid, so it seems quite logical that he would keep it at PSG. The number is still available since the departure of Angel Di Maria last year.

In the past, the Spanish winger also wore number 20 (available) or 25/28 (both already taken).

Manuel Ugarte has several options

Unlike Marco Asensio, Manuel Ugarte's former number 15 is already taken by Danilo Pereira. If we go back to the player's past, the Uruguayan has already used the 5, 6, 8, 17, and 25, but again, all of those are already taken by current PSG players. He only has no. 20 left, which he wore in his career debut in Uruguay at CA Fenix.

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Therefore, a number between 19 and 24 could be a solution. The 22-year-old midfielder will probably choose to wear a new number he's never used before, which would bring a refreshing look to this new chapter of his professional life.