Viola Calligaris arrives in Paris after World Cup exit

Viola Calligaris
Viola Calligaris / Eurasia Sport Images/GettyImages

Viola Calligaris has arrived back in Paris after her World Cup duty with Switzerland came to its end during the Round of 16.

Calligaris has resumed training with her PSG teammates ahead of the club's friendly against PSV on Friday,18th August.

Calligaris joined PSG on a two-year contract back in July after departing from Levante. She could possibly play her first game against PSV and give fans a look at their new right-back for this season.

During her training session, Viola spoke with the PSG official website.

"Everyone has made me feel very welcome, and I can't wait to get to work here!" The defender replied when asked about how she felt about her return.

Calligaris had the honor of representing Switzerland alongside Ramona Bachmann, PSG's current No.10, and described the experience by saying, "The World Cup went fairly well. We made it out of the Group stage. Unfortunately, I was a bit injured, but overall, the competition went well for the team."

As expected, Calligaris and her nation would have preferred going further into the competition but were denied after meeting Spain, the finalists of the WWC, and lost 5-1. Despite this, she made clear that even advancing from the group stage, and topping it, was important and a big step for the team.

Calligaris also mentioned that she was going through an injury, which isn't surprising considering she played a total of 50 minutes overall in the tournament.

To finish the discussion, Viola answered a question related to her goals for the next few weeks "My aim is to adapt to the pace here and learn the principles of playing at PSG. I want to integrate myself into the squad as quickly as possible too."

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