UEFA to sanction FC Barcelona over incidents during match against PSG

In the UEFA Champions League match between PSG and FC Barcelona, the visiting stands witnessed several racist acts towards Parisian fans
UEFA will sanction FC Barcelona following the acts at the Parc des Princes.
UEFA will sanction FC Barcelona following the acts at the Parc des Princes. / Franco Arland/GettyImages

Following a forgettable game for PSG, there were also several instances of racism by Barça fans towards Parisian supporters outside the field.

Consequently, this sparked a major controversy on social media regarding the measures to be taken to continue avoiding such acts in stadium stands and fostering a more positive atmosphere for the most important matches in the top European competition.

A disciplinary case is opened against FC Barcelona for their behavior at the Parc des Princes

The newspaper L'Equipe confirms that UEFA will carefully intervene in response to the events that occurred on April 10th at the Parc des Princes.

UEFA has already initiated disciplinary proceedings against FC Barcelona to impose sanctions for what transpired in this encounter with Barcelona fans, with their racist and discriminatory gestures towards Parisians.

Paris Saint-Germain found themselves in a bitter encounter after Barca's 2-3 victory in the first leg of the UCL quarter-finals.

The Parisian club will seek a comeback on April 16th in Spain, where they hope to see a change in attitude throughout their squad to advance to the semifinals of the top European competition and continue pursuing this coveted trophy.

PSG is heading towards the match against Barcelona in Spain

With a positive atmosphere from the Parisian squad following the break granted by the LFP to PSG in this matchday that was scheduled for Ligue 1, the club is working this weekend to address the errors seen at the Parc des Princes against Barcelona and identify the key points to secure victory on April 16th.