Thierry Henry keeps giving Warren Zaire-Emery his flowers

Newcastle United FC v Paris Saint-Germain: Group F - UEFA Champions League 2023/24
Newcastle United FC v Paris Saint-Germain: Group F - UEFA Champions League 2023/24 / Stu Forster/GettyImages

Following the announcement of the French national team squad, Thierry Henry added some perspective to Didier Deschamps' comments regarding the promising Warren Zaire-Emery.

The young Parisian midfielder, now the captain of the French U21 Espoirs team, is gaining recognition for his exceptional contributions this season building on last year.

Deschamps, addressing the upcoming national team gathering, hinted at having a reserved spot for the 17-year-old talent to use in the short-term future.

L'Equipe redirected the question to Thierry Henry, the coach of the Espoirs currently grabbing hold of the PSG youngster. Henry took the opportunity to commend Zaire-Emery's standout performance, notably in Paris Saint-Germain's recent loss to Newcastle last Wednesday.

Henry expressed his surprise and admiration for Zaire-Emery's abilities, praising his strength, vision, game understanding, and maturity at such a young age, some valued all across world football and helping PSG in their midfield engine room.

Despite PSG's setback in the UCL, Zaire-Emery showcased exceptional qualities, earning him the captain's armband at the international U21 level.

Regarding Zaire-Emery's future, while Deschamps envisions an important role for him in the senior squad, Henry aims to maximize the potential of this outstanding talent with the U21 team at least for a while.

Henry acknowledged Deschamps' words and expressed hope that when the time is right, Zaire-Emery will be rightfully called up to the France senior squad. In Henry's eyes, Zaire-Emery is a unique player and the French legend looks forward to seeing the young talent continue to shine on the international stage.