Thanks to Olympique Marseille's mediocrity, PSG will earn more Champions League money


PSG and Lens will be France's only representatives in the Champions League this season following the elimination of Olympique Marseille through the preliminary knockout stages.

The two clubs will thus split the revenue going to France's market instead of having to divide it in three chunks now that OM is home and crying.

Both PSG and Lens will thus receive a greater financial boost from UEFA, as the distribution in the Champions League works around a "market pool" (the rights paid by televisions) as follows: 55% for the champion and 45% for the second if there are only two competing clubs.

In the particular case of France, the country will receive €60m, which will be split following the aforementioned percentages. That means that PSG will receiver around €33m, Lens around €27m, and Olympique Marseille a good bag of nothing.

Marseille could have saved face, qualified, pocketed some €12m, and left PSG and Lens looking at payments of €27m and €21m respectively. They are so bad, however, that they couldn't even crack the group stage of the Champions League these days.

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