Should Kylian Mbappe have been sent off after his aggression?

Kylian Mbappe avoided a red card after an aggression last Saturday
Kylian Mbappe avoided a red card after an aggression last Saturday / Tim Clayton - Corbis/GettyImages

PSG returned to the only competition they're still playing for, the French Ligue 1, and visited Brest on the road earning their fourth win (2-1) in a row to keep building a strong bid to end up lifting the French championship.

Kylian Mbappe scored the last-minute, game-winning goal for PSG but he was also the man committing an ugly and unsportsmanlike gesture that should have seen him getting sent off right before he scored that goal.

In the 85th minute, after a long Parisian possession, Mbappe lost the ball and kicked the leg of the Algerian Haris Belkebla. The Brest player had stripped Mbappe off the ball seconds after the aggression happened.

The Brestois fell to the ground after Mbappe's tackle and tried to grab Mbappe's left leg in a rather soft way. That angered Mbappe, though, who react in a dumb manner and smashed the defensless and surprised Belkebla in the chest in a disgusting way.

Kylian Mbappe avoided a red card against Brest, then scored the game-winning goal

Mbappe committed the aggression while wearing the captain armband of PSG on Saturday and with just a few minutes left to play. He was shown a yellow card, although the VAR reviewed the aggression to see if the PSG forward merited a red card instead.

After a brief check, the VAR decided against sending Mbappe off with PSG still locked into a 1-1 draw and the game open for a last-minute goal that could earn Paris three points instead of one.

Of course, this being PSG and even more French world champion Mbappe, both avoided any further sanction. Giants always get the benefit of the doubt, but Mbappe should have definitely gotten sent off.

First of all, he kicked the opponent in play. Then, he reacted aggressively when the other player was left defenseless on the pitch. Because of... nothing! Pure frustration! Deal with it like you should, Mbappe!

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Seriously, folks, fix the referee system, and don't keep doing this type of favor for the betterment of the game of football.