Sergio Ramos: "Galtier is a coach that never lies"


Veteran PSG defender and Spain international Sergio Ramos conceded an interview to UEFA on the verge of the Round of 16 clash between Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern Munich on Valentine's Day.

The World Cup and four-time Champions League winner discussed multiple topics from his arrival in Paris to what is next for the club from the French capital. Here are some of the most interesting thoughts he shared with UEFA.

On his move to France to join Paris in the summer of 2021...

"Leaving Real Madrid was obviously a very big change. My goal is always to continue winning, and I won a lot with Real Madrid, but I thought this was a good opportunity for a change of scenery and to try to help a team like PSG."

"Everything was very difficult at first: you have to find a home and settle down, especially when you come with a family, with four kids. The process was a bit tough at first, but everything has worked out."

On his initial struggles at PSG with the veteran defender appearing in just 13 games throughout the 2021-22 season and not debuting until Nov. 28, 2021...

"At first, everything went wrong. I got injured, and had a hard time recovering and adapting to the new system, my teammates, and a new coach."

"You begin to doubt whether or not you've done the right move. But my career has been defined by consistency, perseverance, and hard work."

On the current Paris Saint-Germain superstar-loaded squad ...

"There are a lot of stars, some of the best players in the world. We are all looking at the same objective (of winning titles). If a team ends up winning it's because they left their personal egos behind, so our aim this season is to all come together, bring the best versions of ourselves, and stay balanced as a team. That is more important than any star we might have. "

On the Round of 16 meeting with Bayern Munich kicking off on Tuesday...

"We know they're one of the best teams we could come up against, and they pose a huge challenge. But getting past them would be a very positive message to send out to the world."

"To win the Champions League, you have to win against the best and Bayern are among those teams year after year."

On his opiniong about PSG coach Cristophe Galtier...

"What stands out is how natural and humble he was when he arrived at PSG. He's a coach who never lies, who says everything to your face, and that, for me, is very important."

"He's also a good coach: he has won with teams before PSG, and he has gained experience that he's now transferring to the squad."

On the Champions League mission for him and PSG as a whole...

"Football [marriages] don't always work out. The best teams don't always win. But what I can say is that I'm where I want to be and at a club with so much hunger to win the Champions League."

"Personally, I want to make the most of what remains of my playing career."

On his successfull career while he was at Real Madrid and playing for the Spain international team...

"You can't live in the past. You've got to show your best every day, and you've got to keep on winning every season. In the future I'll enjoy it a lot more with my kids, with my parents, with my grandkids, telling them everything I did. You win it, you grab it, lift it, people take photos, you do interviews, you get two weeks off and then pre-season starts up. Time to move on."

On what is next in his career as he enters the last phase of it...

"I invest a lot of time in football, and I've not had time for family. So when I retire I'll spend two years dedicated to my children's upbringing, experiencing everyday things which you can't do alongside football, like skiing, taking the kids on holiday with no pressure, taking them to tennis classes--a normal life."

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"Ultimately, what gives me adrenaline and fires me up is football. I've done it my whole life and it's what I do best. I can see myself being a [club] president, a sporting director, or a coach."