Saudi Arabia to make Kylian Mbappe the most expensive player ever?


Saudi club Al Hilal has made an extraordinary move by presenting an official world-record proposal for Kylian Mbappe, the face of PSG and the France national team.

The proposal, first reported by football insider Fabrizio Romano, amounts to a staggering €300m, surpassing all previous transfer fees in the history of football.

PSG have not hesitated and the club accepted the offer in a hurry the minute it arrived on Monday. The situation is straightforward for the French champions: if Mbappe decides not to extend his contract, they are ready to entertain any bid and allow the player to make the move to Saudi Arabia or wherever he wants to go.

However, it's crucial to note that, as of now and per Romano, "there have been no direct talks between Al Hilal and Mbappe." Inside sources quoted by Romano have told the insider that "Mbappe's desire is to continue his career in Europe," which is fairly logical.

Al Hilal is willing to offer Mbappe the highest salary ever seen in football, exceeding even the amounts Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo command.

The Saudi side though is also willing to make it all a one-year deal, even though they'd still pay the humongous sum of €300m to PSG and an even more ridiculous salary to the player for what would amount to be a simple rental.

On PSG's side, they still believe that "Mbappe has a verbal agreement with Real Madrid, which is slated for the summer of 2024," which has PSG worried in terms of facing a potential holdout by Mbappe next season.

Mbappe, remember, is under contract through June 2024 so he is not in any need of leave now if he doesn't want to. PSG can accept all offers they want for the Frenchman, but as long as Mbappe doesn't sign on the dotted line then PSG won't be able to get rid of him, which could drag into 2024 and see him depart for free in the worst-case scenario for the French side.

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