Report: PSG set to sign Sao Paulo defender Lucas Beraldo

Santos v São Paulo - Brasileirao 2023
Santos v São Paulo - Brasileirao 2023 / Eurasia Sport Images/GettyImages

Lucas Beraldo, a Brazilian wunderkind from Sao Paulo, is set to join PSG after reaching a deal with Paris Saint-Germain at the start of the week. The defender, who has already signed a deal, will arrive in Paris in the future but as of now, it's still undisclosed if that'd happen in January or next summer.

The Brazilian media broke the news of PSG's interest in Beraldo on Monday revealing a proposed €20m offer made by the French champions for the 20-year-old Sao Paulo youngster. That quote, however, is said to not factor in potential future bonuses.

Reports emerging from Brazil suggest a transfer has already been completed pending an official announcement, citing Sao Paulo's bad financial situation for the year 2023 as the main reason for them to sell now instead of waiting. Not all sources, however, are sharing that information.

Beraldo's seemingly cool with a move to PSG to folster the defensive line as soon as this upcoming transfer window, something that aligns with his and his entourage's aspirations for a move to Europe as soon as possible.

The €20m offer made by PSG is expected to be enough to lure the player and his club into selling and signing, although French outlets including Le Parisien have suggested PSG is taking "a more cautious approach," probably teasing a potential "low-balling" strategy by the French club, adding that an "immediate transfer to Paris is not guaranteed" at this point.

L'Equipe adds that PSG is exploring other defensive options, indicating that Beraldo's move this winter is not a certainty as long as Sao Paulo don't lower their demands.

In any case, the most realistic outcome of this saga is a signing happening next summer, the same as will happen with Corinthians midfielder Gabriel Moscardo's move to Paris.