Report: Neymar might have signed with PSG in 2017 with risky injury

International Champions Cup 2017 - Real Madrid v FC Barcelona
International Champions Cup 2017 - Real Madrid v FC Barcelona / Robbie Jay Barratt - AMA/GettyImages

Neymar's six seasons with Paris Saint-Germain were marred by recurrent injuries. Now, it's been revealed that the Brazil international might have, in fact, joined PSG in 2017 while already nursing an injury getting into the following season.

PSG put an end to their relationship with Neymar last August with a transfer to Saudi Arabia after a few years of trying to get rid of the South American forward.

In February 2018, Neymar suffered a serious right ankle injury when he fractured the metatarsal, followed by a relapse in January 2019, resulting in another extended absence.

L'Equipe, shedding light on previously unknown details, reported on Wednesday that Neymar's infamous metatarsal was visibly compromised, if not broken, at the time of his signing in Paris, something that should at least have given pause to PSG before paying a hefty sum for his services.

Citing "cross-checked Spanish sources" close to Neymar during the Barcelona-to-PSG transfer saga for a record €222m, the report reveals that the Brazilian suffered from a stress fracture in the fifth metatarsal of his right foot before the move.

While PSG's then-doctor, Eric Rolland, neither confirmed nor denied this due to medical confidentiality, the report suggests the fracture might have gone unnoticed or untreated by the medical staff of PSG.

A former French national team doctor, speaking anonymously, shared insights on the fatigue fracture, suggesting, "Perhaps it should have been operated on. But sometimes these stress fractures don't worsen and don't require intervention."

Six months post-signing, Neymar plunged into a series of injuries that ultimately defined his Parisian stint and, arguably, his broader career. It's borderline malpractice for PSG to not have noticed the injury, let alone the fact they might have simply let it go just in case it didn't worsen...