Real Madrid release official statement denying early talks with Kylian Mbappe

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Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has broken his silence on the Kylian Mbappe saga with an official statement as we get closer to 2024, when the PSG forward will become a free agent. The club took to social media and its website to address recent speculations, firmly denying any negotiations with the player and clarifying their stance amid the ongoing rumors.

As the media buzzed of late with claims of an impending operation having already been signed at the Bernabeu, Real Madrid's board, led by Florentino Perez, opted for "transparency" to counter the mounting pressure and discomfort surrounding the situation.

The club highlighted the potential legal risks associated with such speculations, particularly considering FIFA regulations, although it's up to you to believe Real or not.

The official statement from Real Madrid categorically dismissed the rumors, stating, "Real Madrid CF would like to state that this information is completely false and that no negotiations have occurred with any player who belongs to PSG."

The denial aims to quash any assumptions surrounding Mbappe's assumed arrival in Madrid through 2024.

The club emphasized its commitment to adherence to FIFA rules and clarified that any official offer for Mbappe would only be made when the player becomes a free agent on January 1, which the Spanish club will do and try to sell the world as their first and initial approach to Mbappe.

The statement aims to set the record straight, refuting claims made by various media outlets and asserting that the club, at this point, has no certainty about the player's future. Nobody believed Real Madrid the minute they dropped their message, nor won't in the future, but if they feel better doing so, that's cool for them!

Real Madrid's firm stance reinforces their commitment to fair play and adherence to the regulations governing player transfers. Nah, I was joking.