Real Madrid no longer interested in signing Kylian Mbappe?


The daily media speculation surrounding Kylian Mbappe's future has reignited of late, with conflicting reports adding fuel to the ongoing saga. While Spanish outlets typically link the PSG forward with a move to Real Madrid in 2024, Cadena SER has taken a different stance, asserting that the Spanish giant is no longer interested in acquiring Mbappe.

On the other side of the speculation, RMC Sport refutes this claim, reigniting the rumor mill and claiming that there is a real interest in the player coming from the Spanish club.

The Mbappe-Real Madrid saga persists and it won't end until there is a resolution to it. It's worth reminding that Mbappe's contract is set to expire next summer.

Despite a recent statement from Real Madrid denying negotiations, rumors resurfaced a few hours later. Contrary to the expected and probably inevitable arrival of Mbappe in Madrid, Spanish journalist Jesus Gallego of Cadena SER dropped a bomb on Wednesday, stating that Real Madrid has changed its stance and "are no longer interested" in signing Mbappe.

Gallego outlines three reasons behind this shift: financial considerations, as Mbappe's wage demands exceed Real Madrid's budget; a shift in sports policy, with Real Madrid prioritizing younger players; and a matter of pride, as MbappE's history of rejecting past offers from Real Madrid has created a negative atmosphere within the club.

However, RMC Sport suggests that Real Madrid may be strategically releasing this information to cover themselves in case Mbappe doesn't join them next summer.

Despite reported internal disagreements, President Florentino Perez remains keen on the French forward, leaving the door open for a potential revival of negotiations and a final all-in attempt to snatch it from PSG, Paris, and France as a whole.