Real Madrid coach rules out signing Kylian Mbappe in the coming days

With a week to go before the transfer market closes, the rumors about the future of Kylian Mbappe continue to multiply. Now, the Real Madrid coach himself rules out the possibility of a last-minute signing.
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Present at a press conference this Thursday, Carlo Ancelotti announced that the Real Madrid transfer market has ended. The Italian coach was insistent and closed the door on the possibility of a new signing arriving.

The chances of seeing Kylian Mbappe at Real Madrid are reduced a little more, or at least that's what it seems. Although the summer transfer market ends in a few days for most European leagues, the Madrid club does not seem willing to welcome new players. At a press conference, Carlo Ancelotti was very clear about it.

"A last-minute reinforcement? I rule it out 100%," said the Italian strategist. Will it be enough to definitively put an end to the soap opera about the future of Kylian Mbappe? well, it is enough to write the name of the French in any search engine or social network to realize that no.

Since Kylian Mbappe returned to PSG training, all kinds of information has emerged. From those who point more towards an extension, to those who take it for granted that the Frenchman will end up at Real Madrid this summer.

Although the Frenchman has not yet decided to renew his contract with PSG, according to the Spanish press there have been recent conversations between emissaries from Qatar and the environment of the Bondy native. The situation of the Parisian number 7 seems very calm. We'll see if everything is what it seems.

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