Randal Kolo Muani traveled to Paris to negotiate his contract with PSG

PSG's priority objective during this summer transfer market, Randal Kolo Muani is getting closer and closer to Paris, according to the latest details reported by the German press.
Eintracht Frankfurt v SV Darmstadt 98 - Bundesliga
Eintracht Frankfurt v SV Darmstadt 98 - Bundesliga / Christian Kaspar-Bartke/GettyImages

According to information from Frankfurter Rundschau, Randal Kolo Muani traveled to Paris last Thursday to negotiate the details of his potential contract with PSG.

The trip was made with the authorization of Eintracht Frankfurt, which now expects the Frenchman to leave at the end of the transfer market.

The transfer of Randal Kolo Muani to PSG seems only a matter of time. The Parisian club has made the signing of the French forward a priority for the end of its transfer window and has accelerated considerably in this regard in recent days.

Eintracht Frankfurt received a first offer estimated at €60m, but it was rejected. However, the negotiations will continue as long as PSG has already reached an agreement with the former Nantes player.

In its columns, the Frankfurter Runschau provides some details on the status of the negotiations. The German newspaper provides significant information by noting that Randal Kolo Muani traveled to Paris last Thursday to negotiate his future contract with PSG.

A move authorized by Eintracht Frankfurt, a sign that negotiations are advancing rapidly between all parties. The Frenchman had skipped the scheduled training session and the German club had announced "stomach aches" to explain the player's absence.

As announced by the French and German press, Randal Kolo Muani has reached an agreement on the basis of a 5-year contract with PSG.

The French striker is now waiting for the two clubs to find common ground before the end of the transfer window. Le Parisien reports that there is a possibility that PSG will complete the transfer of the 24-year-old attacker for a sum of around €80 million.

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