QSI open to sell PSG's minority stake but not thinking about leaving Paris


Amidst the impending sale of a minority stake in PSG to the American investment fund Arctos Partners, one of the key figures in the Parisian club has reported that any notion of Qatar Sports Investments (QSI) disengaging from PSG is "irrelevant" and false, with QSI still looking forward to staying in Paris for years.

The sale of the stake, which has been in the works for months now, is anticipated to be finalized soon, with Arctos Partners acquiring 10 to 15% of the club from QSI, the sole owner of PSG for the past decade. The sale is estimated to bring in hundreds of millions of euros, considering PSG's current valuation surpassing 4 billion euros.

Marc Armstrong, PSG's Chief Revenue Officer, emphasizes that this move does not signal a broader sale of QSI and a potential exit from Paris in the short term, if ever at all. The officer told The Athletic, "We have no interest in selling the club; it is just a sale of a minority stake."

Armstrong points to recent substantial investments as evidence of QSI's commitment, citing the €300 million spent on the new Poissy training center. He also brought back the willingness of QSI to invest half a billion euros in a future stadium to be built or purchased by PSG. Despite no recent public developments on the stadium project, Armstrong affirms that these are long-term commitments QSI will pursue.

Addressing the potential arrival of Arctos Partners, Armstrong sees it as an "opportunity to elevate PSG's business," especially in key markets like the United States. He noted Arctos Partners' experience as minority shareholders in Liverpool, Atalanta, and the Aston Martin Formula 1 team, stating, "It's an opportunity to take our business to the next level."

In light of recent football club sales, notably Manchester United, Qatar (where QSI hails from), appears determined to maintain a robust presence in PSG's future after failing to capitalize on getting the majority of Man Utd shares.