QSI increased its ownership of Portuguese club Braga within UEFA constraints


Qatar Sports Investments (QSI), which became a minority shareholder in the Portuguese club Braga several months ago, has continued to incrementally acquire shares in the club while prudently maintaining a limit to avoid any impact on PSG as stated on UEFA's rulebook.

In the realm of sports investments, QSI, primarily recognized for its ownership of PSG since the spring of 2011, has expanded its portfolio to include shares in the Portuguese club Sporting Braga since the fall of 2022.

Despite being a significant player in the Iberian club shares, QSI has limited its involvement, conscious of not overshadowing its commitment to PSG according to the latest reports.

Initial information indicated that the Qatari fund had acquired precisely 21.67% of Braga's shares from Olivedesportos. However, recent studies of Braga's financial accounts for the 2022/23 season, undertaken by the Portuguese press, revealed a subsequent increase in QSI's ownership to 29.6%.

Simultaneously, other shareholders in possession of shares of the club, constituting smaller investors, witnessed a decrease in their stake from 24.31% to 16.37%.

Despite QSI's financial capacity to acquire more shares, it has deliberately maintained a minority share in Braga. This strategic approach aligns with QSI's commitment to compliance with UEFA regulations on multi-ownership, a necessity given its existing 100% ownership of PSG.

The nuanced decision not to further invest in Braga underscores QSI's steadfast intention to retain majority ownership of the Parisian club, putting an end to rumors about a potential exit from France soon.