PSG will add this Brazilian midfielder to their squad

After tough negotiations to acquire the breakout midfielder of the Brasileirao, PSG intends to add him to their 2024/2025 season roster.
The PSG will add this brazilian midfielder to their squad.
The PSG will add this brazilian midfielder to their squad. / Ricardo Moreira/GettyImages

Following the confirmation of Gabriel Moscardo's signing with PSG, there were plans to loan him to Corinthians, the club he was with before joining PSG. However, due to an injury, the loan option back to Brazil has been delayed. Moscardo signed a contract with the Parisians until June 2028.

The 18-year-old Brazilian midfielder will arrive at PSG with a foot injury. Therefore, this will delay his medical exams and lead to the player undergoing surgery in Qatar to fully recover and be at the best disposition for the Parisians for the next season or whenever they need him.

Fabrizio Romano confirmed that PSG does not want to continue loaning out the young Brazilian prospect and wants him available to compete in the 2024/2025 season, where he will bring his football talent to the Parisian midfield, providing an additional option for Luis Enrique’s squad, who does not want issues in these positions.

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Moscardo to return to PSG this summer

It seems the loan will not go through, and Gabriel Moscardo will arrive in Paris to start preseason in July with the Parisian club. However, this is still a rumor, as there is still a possibility that the 18-year-old midfielder could return to Corinthians for another season.

Nevertheless, the transfer market does not stop for PSG, and the overpopulation in the Parisian midfield is a mystery for all fans, as they are still in talks with Joao Neves and Xavi Simons, and likely there won't be any departures from this position within the club.