PSG vs. Lille: Christophe Galtier pre-match press conference

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Paris Saint-Germain v FC Bayern München: Round of 16 Leg One - UEFA Champions League / Alex Grimm/GettyImages

Why did Marquinhos not train on Friday? Will Mbappe play against Lille?

"We have to win this weekend. And you are more likely to win with Kylian than without Kylian so Kylian will play. There is still uncertainty with Marquinhos. He only hung on until the end of the match against Bayern because Achraf Hakimi was out. Hakimi will not play on Sunday, and I expect to review Marquinho's status tomorrow with him and the medical staff to find out if he can participate."

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Are you going to use the same tactical approach as against Bayern (low block) in the game against Lille?

"Are you making fun of me? Do you think I was satisfied with what I saw against Bayern? No, I was not satisfied. I used this game plan in relation to the available squad. Do you think that starting Warren Zaire-Emery in such an important match, at less than 17 years old after having chained almost two full matches, is something that I had planned on? Circumstances meant that I saw no other way than to try to contain Bayern Munich before entering the second half with the substitution of Kylian planned. If you think I enjoyed watching my team defend against Bayern for 60 minutes, you're being a little disrespectful. PSG must play attacking, attractive, unspectacular but effective football to win."