PSG vs. Lille: Christophe Galtier pre-match press conference

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Kylian Mbappe advised PSG players to "sleep well and eat well" after the loss to Bayern. How did you perceive it and how do you explain that the day after Neymar plays poker and goes to a fast food restaurant?

"What Kylian said publicly is exactly what he said in the locker room. Those were words said with great maturity and great determination to hold everyone accountable. And those words are welcomed. But you can't, and I won't, associate Kylian's words with Ney's photo in a fast food restaurant. I spoke with Ney, I told him what I thought. Ney is passionate about poker, and he has the right to play it on his recovery day. I told him what I thought of this photo that came out. But I have the intimate conviction that there is no confusion to be made between Kylian's statement and the photo that came out."

How do you assess the performance of your summer transfer signings?

"I saw the remarks… Wearing the PSG jersey is difficult. Even more when you are a foreigner and even more when you arrive late. The history of PSG shows that very great players have had much longer adaptation periods than people could estimate. The weight of this jersey, the environment, and the city force players into taking a while to acclimate."

"I'm going to be very specific. You have Fabian Ruiz and Carlos Soler who arrived very late. They were behind in all areas. And they took a while to find their proper form. But we are talking about internationals. Conversely, Vitinha, who is in a difficult period, like the team as a whole... I reread you and over the first three months, everyone had Vintinha in their mouths. For many reasons. In a note published in L'Equipe, there is no mention of Nordine Mukiele. Why? Because he's a Parisian, who knows the French championship, and he had no trouble fitting in because for one, he's French, and for two, he's at home. We cannot put all the evils of the earth on the heads of the arrivals after this bad run of results."