PSG vs. Clermont - Christophe Galtier pre-match press conference

Christophe Galtier, PSG
Christophe Galtier, PSG / FRANCK FIFE/GettyImages

PSG will play their final game of the season next Saturday inside the Parc des Princes for MD38 of Ligue 1 when they host Clermont with an 11th league title already in their collective bag and the visitors playing for nothing.

It took Paris Saint-Germain until the second-to-last matchday to clinch their long-chased 11th crown but they finally won the league with their victory over Strasbourg last weekend in Lionel Messi's final PSG game on the road.

This Saturday, Messi will play for PSG one last time, or so said Galtier, only to be denied by his club minutes later stating that Saturday will only mark the last time Messi will play at the Parc des Princes "this season."

The French manager touched on that and other topics in his final meeting with members of different media outlets ahead of what could (and actually, will) be his final match at the helm of PSG.

Coach Galtier attended the pre-match press conference on Thursday afternoon.

Here are some of the most interesting nuggets ahead of the match against Clermont scheduled for Saturday as PSG return to the Parc des Princes for one last time this season and right in time to celebrate their title with their fans after MD38 of Ligue 1.

In what state of mind are you after this grueling first season at the helm of PSG?

"I don't feel the need to take a break. There is fatigue as always when you finish a season, and it's a different season compared to any I've known, but there is still a lot of energy and a lot of desire."

If you had to ask yourself one question at the end of this season, what would that be?

"I did not expect this question. I would ask... my dear Christophe, have you had moments of pleasure and joy during this season? I would answer yes. The context today is different but I would have answered yes. There was a lot of fun and a lot of joy."

What is your future at PSG?

"This week, there were no talks about next season. You will understand very well in relation to Sergio Rico that all minds are turned toward his situation and his health. There is a time for everything. We will finish this week, and complete the league campaign. In the days that follow, there will automatically be questions about the next season. There will be questions about my future. But it's the same everywhere for everyone. Talk to me about Igor Tudor, nobody imagined that he was going to leave... It will be time to discuss with my management to find out what the guidelines will be for next season."

Will any youngsters forfeit PSG's game to play for the U19 side in Sunday's final?

"El Chadaille Bitshibu had to take an exam, which is why he was absent on Thursday morning. He had a ping-pong test. Today he is taken until 6 p.m., tomorrow he will be with the group. Congratulations to the U19s for reaching the final. Congratulations to the players and to Papus Camara. There is a reflection on the subject so that the young people are available for us and the decision was to protect them so that they can play this final. The regulation means that those who have played less than 45 minutes will be able to also play (for the U19 side one day after PSG's game on Saturday). Obviously, I'm going to protect Warren Zaire-Emery, so that he can move to the U19 side on Sunday. We will see what happens with Ismael Gharbi, Ilyes Housni, and El Chadaille Bitshiabu. A decision was made with Luis Campos to bring the most forces with the U19s."

What would you remember from Lionel Messi's tenure at PSG?

"I had the privilege of coaching the best player in history. Tomorrow will be his last match at the Parc des Princes. I hope that he will be welcomed in the best of ways. Many things have been said about him. He had to adapt in his first season. This year he has been an important element, always available, present in the training sessions. Despite the criticisms, which I do not find at all justified given his statistics, he has always been at the service of the game, and of the team. For the coach that I am, it has been a great privilege to accompany him all season."

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What is your worst memory of the season? And the best?

"The worst is the double confrontation against Bayern, that's for sure. We had games where we were very good, but many of you forget that. The best thing is becoming champions of France, leading from the first day to the last."