PSG Ultras' president dissociate himself from actions against Neymar

Collectif Ultras Paris, PSG
Collectif Ultras Paris, PSG / ANNE-CHRISTINE POUJOULAT/GettyImages

Romain Mabille, the president of the Collectif Ultras Paris, made it known midweek that he does not condone the gathering of certain Parisian supporters in front of Neymar's home, informed Le Parisien on Thursday, part of the protests following Lionel Messi's saga.

The group of PSG ultras known as the CUP, through its president Romain Mabille, shared its opinion this Thursday at noon about the gathering of a few hundred individuals in front of Neymar's home on Wednesday evening, calling on the Brazilian to leave the Parisian club.

While the main group of supporters present in the Auteuil corner targeted the player during this demonstration organized earlier in front of the club's headquarters by strongly suggesting he leaves PSG, the president of the CUP does not in any way endorse this action organized at the Brazilian star's home. In fact, he "regrets that this comes to discredit the rally organized by the CUP" earlier in the day.

“I do not endorse what happened," said Mabille. "This is not an act of the CUP. The group does not claim this act as one of its makings, and the group did not organize it."

The president went on to say it was "avoidable, that's for sure." He added that such an act "discredits the action that the CUP set up just before at the club's headquarters."

"We ask everyone not to fall into violence. We want to send real messages and [the protests in front of Neymar's house] ruin everything half an hour later. Personally, I regret what happened. I'm sorry that people will only remember this," said Mabille.

For the president of the CUP, the insults uttered against Neymar on Wednesday evening during the demonstration organized in front of the headquarters are only "the illustration of a call for departure requested by the group."

In the eyes of Mabille, the Brazil international is "the symbol of the many dysfunctions present at PSG" and of an era in which the supporters "no longer recognize themselves."

Said Mabille: "The insults uttered against Neymar are just a general fed up but our message goes far beyond that."

"Messi is going to leave and we just want to make it clear to Neymar that it would be good if he left the club too," Mabille added. "We don't want to hurt Neymar, we just want him to spend the rest of his career away from Paris. We want to move on to another era."

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The president of the CUP, like many other supporters of PSG, thinks the team is navigating an era "where players do whatever they want," and he and the rest of the Ultras "want to move on and write a new page with players who want to be involved and committed to the club."