PSG in talks to use French trains for Ligue 1 games in 2023

Strike at metro stations in Paris
Strike at metro stations in Paris / Anadolu Agency/GettyImages

According to Le Parisien and after speaking to the managers of the SNCF, PSG are in advanced talks with the French trains organization in order to use their transport for Ligue 1 games starting next season.

After PSG were heavily criticized for boarding planes to fly to other cities ahead of their Ligue 1 and other games staged on French soil, thus negatively impacting the environment more than they should, the Parisian club seemingly is taking measures in an attempt to reduce that impact starting next year.

It's now been reported that PSG and the SNCF (the main railroad organization in France) have resumed their discussions after delaying them last year. There will be more talks during the following days and weeks, and definitely ahead of next season in order for both sides to find common ground so PSG can travel in French trains during the 2023-24 season.

"[SNCF and PSG] planned to meet again at the beginning of the year, although the club has already booked all its flights until the end of the season," said the person in charge of the conversations. "On the other hand, we have agreed to look at next year's trips, when the Ligue 1 schedule is released at the beginning of summer” revealed the same individual.

PSG is negotiating with the French SNCF to use their trains for national games through the 2023-24 season

Of course, there will be hurdles to clear considering PSG's stature and huge profile when it comes to them taking "everyday trains" on a weekly basis.

For starters, PSG are seemingly asking the SNCF to book entire trains for them, which would pose a problem to the whole railroad organization according to the SNCF director of travel. "That would be impossible. We are not going to privatize a train that has a capacity for 500 clients, for 60 people," said the director.

On top of that, there will be security concerns and issues to solve before this partnership can go ahead and get signed (imagine the crowds that PSG would gather in public train stations upon their arrival and departure), which might turn into the creation of new terminals and stops so the members of PSG can drop off the train before reaching the main arrival points. One obvious solution would be to have PSG leave the trains at the Camp des Loges training facilities or at least somewhere close to the venue.

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"A lot of preparation is needed, but we are capable of pulling it off. We are already doing it for other organizations (such as the French rugby national team or the very own PSG handball team). We are ready to receive PSG on our trains," proudly claimed Nathalie Lanier, travel director of SNCF.