Have PSG gone from having a South American clique to building a Portuguese one?

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After completing a fantastic first half of the season, the World Cup break seems to have broken PSG and shattered the club to pieces. Two of the main reasons are easy to spot: bad planning from sporting advisor Luis Campos and a poor return from Qatar by first-half savior Neymar.

Now, both men are clashing with the rest of the Paris Saint-Germain squad. As if everything else around the organization wasn't already bad...

After going down 2-0 to Monaco last Saturday and leaving the pitch down 3-1 at the halftime break, there were hot discussions and high tensions in the PSG locker room.

Everyone present there knew the game was going to end up marking the fourth defeat in the 2023 calendar year, but instead of looking for solutions Neymar and Luis Campos reportedly went their way to criticize everybody around them.

On the pitch, Neymar was visibly angry and he spent a good chunk of it shouting at teammates such as Vitinha (for not passing him the ball quickly enough) and Hugo Ekitike (for not moving into the right spaces).

The frustration, while understandable, is highly unreasonable considering Neymar himself put on one of the worst outings among PSG players at the Stade Louis-II. Perhaps it's time to look in the mirror a bit.

PSG generated such buffoonery that, according to L'Equipe, even the players from Monaco couldn't believe what they were watching live on their pitch. Things got even hotter inside the Parisian locker room after the halftime whistle.

Prime Video reported that Luis Campos, sporting director of PSG, went into the locker room to seriously address and criticize his players for the lack of fighting through the first 45 minutes of the game at Monaco.

That was dumb on all fronts. First of all, it clearly didn't fix anything through the remainder of the game. Second, it was just impossible to fix a team ravaged by injuries, featuring multiple lesser-level players, let alone one being coached by a totally out-of-place coach in Christophe Galtier that should be fired sooner than later. And third, Campos just generated a whole bunch of drama and raised tensions for free, as if PSG need any more problems around them these days.

According to L'Equipe, Campos was truly mad and agitated, shouting at his players and stating that he was ashamed by the "lack of aggressiveness" shown by PSG.

Marquinhos and Neymar reportedly agreed and supported Campos throughout his rant, perhaps because of their shared native Portuguese language. Way to solve the "South American clique" problem last summer, isn't it?

The two Brazilians and the Portuguese leader explained themselves sharply, in a very "lively and lengthy" way. According to L'Equipe, even "some staff members were surprised" by this out-of-place reaction.

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