PSG seen positively as a potential buyer of the Stade de France


PSG, currently entangled in negotiations with the town hall of Paris over the acquisition of the Parc des Princes, is also reportedly exploring the possibility of purchasing the Stade de France although not favoring that option at this point.

It is widely known that PSG want to expand the Parc des Princes capacity, although with the stadium belonging to the city of Paris, they have found an endless string of problems making it hard to progress on that front.

Discussions have been at an impasse for months, and PSG has reportedly considered the purchase of the Stade de France, letting it be known if only to apply some pressure on the mayor of Paris and unlock the conversations for the potential sale of the Parc to PSG/QSI.

Initially, PSG, alongside three other contenders, had until November to submit their proposals to purchase the Stade de France. However, the deadline has been extended to January 3, 2024. PSG already submitted their proposal, mind you, but they might face stiffer competition under the new timeline with the potential emergence of new bidders.

PSG has strategically used the Stade de France as leverage against Paris City Hall, intensifying the prospect of relocating from Parc des Princes if only as a decoy. The government reportedly supports PSG's interest in acquiring the Saint-Denis venue, and Doha has given its approval to the eventual purchase, according to L'Equipe.

While PSG is poised to submit a new bid in January 2024, the purchase of the Saint-Denis venue remains far from a finalized deal if only because of the cost and the time that it would take to take over Stade de France and adapt it to the demands of PSG while also leaving it when needed for other sports or events.