PSG's stadium dilemma: Debating the ideal home for the club

Paris Saint-Germain v Montpellier HSC - Ligue 1 Uber Eats
Paris Saint-Germain v Montpellier HSC - Ligue 1 Uber Eats / Christian Liewig - Corbis/GettyImages

PSG executives are actively weighing the possibility of expanding the capacity of Parc des Princes, sparking a debate among fans about the ideal stadium for the club. While the current stadium has witnessed the club's history, its seating capacity of 48,583 and potential for renovations are deemed limited. However, the encirclement of Paris poses obstacles to the desired construction work.

Options under consideration by the executives involve either acquiring Parc des Princes, the Stade de France, or the construction of an entirely new stadium—the latter, in particular, is causing division among fans. Daniel Riolo, during RMC Sport's After Foot, asserted that the idea of relocating to the Stade de France was dismissed due to economic reasons. The required investment for its purchase and renovation is perceived as colossal, estimated at 600 million euros.

Despite the delicate nature of negotiations for the stadium's purchase, PSG remains steadfast in its goal to expand the stadium and plans to resume discussions for enhancements that would increase its capacity. Additionally, executives are exploring alternatives such as acquiring nearby land for complementary activities.

There's also consideration of purchasing a racetrack in Auteuil or St-Cloud to construct a new stadium, with a commitment to reinitiate discussions with the Paris city council and landowners if the prior options do not come to fruition. The pursuit of these options underscores PSG's determination to address the limitations of the current stadium and create a more expansive and modern home for the club.