PSG's Champions League woes persist as Donnarumma's insecurities linger

The defeat of PSG against Barcelona at the Parc des Princes was conditioned by several insecurities of the Italian goalkeeper
Donnarumma's insecurities continue to affect PSG in the UCL
Donnarumma's insecurities continue to affect PSG in the UCL / Lionel Hahn/GettyImages

Barcelona managed to secure a very important victory in France to continue their path towards the next round of the UCL. However, PSG will seek to achieve the feat of overturning the series to continue competing in the UEFA Champions League. The difference is only one goal, and the Parisian club is filled with hope regarding their visit to Spain next April 16th.

In the goals scored by the Catalan club, a weak defense by the Parisians was evident. While the absence of Achraf Hakimi was too sensitive for PSG, and additionally, the lack of experience of Lucas Beraldo in these instances led to him not having a completely positive match in his youth. On the other hand, Gianluigi Donnarumma showed great insecurity for the Parisian club in front of the three posts against the 3 goals.

The Barcelona goals came after PSG's lapse in concentration

The Italian goalkeeper was conditioned on the occasion of the first goal by making a hasty exit after a poor retreat by the Parisian defenders. Where after Gigio's exit, the ball would rebound to Raphinha to convert the first goal of the match.

In the second goal, a defensive lapse by Nuno Mendes and Marquinhos allowed a diagonal pass to Raphinha, who would be left one-on-one against Donnarumma, who also seemed to display insecurity at the moment of the Brazilian's shot.

Andreas Christensen scored the goal that would eventually give Barcelona the 2-3 victory against PSG, where after a corner kick, he managed to shoot inside the small area of Paris Saint-Germain, an area that should have been secured for Gianluigi Donnarumma after the corner kick. However, he remained on the goal line and could not prevent the Danish goal.

PSG's terrible defensive performance led to the defeat

A rather complex performance for the Italian goalkeeper, who continues to fill PSG with insecurities in the most relevant instances of the UEFA Champions League. However, the overall result does not focus solely on the Italian goalkeeper, as while the Parisian club had glaring errors in its defensive line, these contributed largely to the loss of the match.