PSG representatives Marquinhos and Al-Khelaifi sound off on Champions League draw

Lille OSC v Paris Saint-Germain - Ligue 1 Uber Eats
Lille OSC v Paris Saint-Germain - Ligue 1 Uber Eats / Jean Catuffe/GettyImages

Following the Champions League draw pairing PSG with Real Sociedad, PSG's president Nasser Al-Khelaifi and captain Marquinhos offered their reactions to the results made official on Monday afternoon.

Nasser Al-Khelaifi praised Real Sociedad, acknowledging their first-place finish in the group stage and the commendable work of their president without mentioning that PSG clearly drew one of the easiest teams in the pots.

The president expressed eagerness for the upcoming matches in Paris and San Sebastian, anticipating them as significant events in the 2024 calendar year in both cities.

Marquinhos shared his views on the draw, recognizing Real Sociedad as a formidable opponent in good form in their domestic competitions as well as across Europe.

He noted their successful performance throughout the first stage where they finished atop their four-team group, suggesting it showed their strength and the need for PSG to prepare thoroughly for the upcoming matchup.

Marquinhos also emphasized that PSG is growing and evolving having gone through a manager change last summer, but also made clear the team is committed and focused on making everything work in time for the first leg.

The South American defender sounded excited about competing against Real Sociedad for the first time, as the Spanish club has never reached this stage of the competition, let alone faced PSG.

He mentioned the positive feedback he has received about their stadium and its atmosphere, anticipating that PSG supporters will enjoy the trip to San Sebastian in the northern part of Spain.