PSG players, staff not concerned with Luis Enrique's relationship with French media

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Despite recent tense interactions between PSG coach Luis Enrique and the media, players within the squad and staffers of the club remain confident and at ease with the situation, focusing on the performance of the team rather than the coach's relations with the press.

The coach has expressed dissatisfaction with what he perceives as repetitive or insufficiently sports-focused questions by the French media, leading to confrontations with certain reporters.

While the coach's relationship with the French press may be strained, PSG players have a different view of their coach. Described as warmer and more supportive by internal sources, the coach is seen as one who often defends his players during press conferences.

According to an inside source, PSG players prioritize their performance and are indifferent to the coach's media-related issues. The players appreciate Enrique's efforts to shield them from media pressure, which is often intense in the capital.

However, PSG management is keen on finding a resolution to the tension between Luis Enrique and the press while not putting him under pressure to solve those little issues.

The coach's strategy of drawing attention to himself to alleviate media pressure on the players is recognized, but leaders within the club are actively working to prevent the situation from worsening albeit not being overly worried about it. Meetings between Luis Enrique and journalists are planned to foster more substantive discussions and address athletic matters more explicitly.