PSG players, Kylian Mbappe earn the highest Ligue 1 salaries

Kylian Mbappe, PSG
Kylian Mbappe, PSG / Eurasia Sport Images/GettyImages

In the last installment of their annual tradition, the French newspaper L'Equipe released the ranking of Ligue 1 salaries on their Thursday edition. To the surprise of nobody, most of the players sitting at the top belong to PSG while Kylian Mbappe beats everybody else.

With a net salary of €6m per month, the freshest captain of France and franchise player of PSG, Mbappe, is by far the biggest earner currently playing in the Ligue 1.

Mbappe's salary alone covers nearly the two of Neymar and Messi combined, which is borderline insane in and of itself. For context and looking exclusively at the top 30 contracts listed by L'Equipe, Mbappe's monthly salary covers the wages of more than the "bottom 20" players in it.

Among PSG players, it's staggering to find the top 10 entirely occupied by Paris Saint-Germain performers even though the distance in the Ligue 1 standings between the Parisian and second-place Marseille is just seven points.

No need to mention how ridiculous it is to find Juan Bernat, who barely if ever starts games, sitting pretty in ninth position earning nearly three-quarters of a million per season for warming the bench.

I wouldn't even touch Hugo Ekitike's salary, approaching the half-million for... what, exactly?

Anyway, things might be about to change. PSG is under the threat of suffering suspensions because of breaking the Financial Fair Play rules, and those might come as soon as next season if they don't lower the collective wage bill by 30% ahead of the 2023-24 campaign.

Let me offer one quick solution (and a bonus): don't extend Lionel Messi, let Sergio Ramos go, and as a bonus try to find a club interested in signing Neymar. There you go. More than €96m per year off the books!

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Top-10 Ligue 1 Salaries (per month):

  1. Mbappe (PSG, €6m) 
  2. Neymar (PSG, €3,6m)
  3. Messi (PSG, €3.3m)
  4. Marquinhos (PSG, €1.2m)
  5. Verratti (PSG, €1.2m)
  6. Hakimi (PSG, €1.1m)
  7. Donnarumma (PSG, €916k)
  8. Ramos (PSG, €791k)
  9. Bernat ( PSG, €730k)
  10. Mukiele (PSG, €700k)