PSG planning to build roofed pitch for training purposes in their new Campus

Paris Saint-Germain new training center presentation
Paris Saint-Germain new training center presentation / Anadolu Agency/GettyImages

Recent bad weather conditions at the PSG Campus have brought back speculation about the building of an indoor, roofed training pitch that was initially present in the early architectural plans but was ultimately omitted.

Though the PSG Campus has been used by the first team of PSG since last July, the truth is that the venue has not yet been properly nor officially inaugurated by the club as a whole.

The training facilities have been able to address the various needs of such a top-tier club, but some problems have been spotted as time has passed since the summer, posing challenges to PSG as they try to fix them as they pop up.

Some reports suggest that the persistent wind impacting a few terraces is causing disruptions in the team's training sessions forcing them to stop for a while or move elsewhere at times. Considering we've yet to hit peak winter conditions, the concerns are obvious.

The club is taking these weather-related concerns seriously, particularly given how they have interfered with set-piece training sessions. To mitigate the impact of the wind, one proposed solution is to cover one of the training grounds, essentially creating a roof to cover for the wind gusts.

The concept of building a covered pitch was on the original plans for the PSG training center several years ago. However, due to cost considerations, this idea was discarded, and the PSG Campus was eventually completed without a covered ground.

Although the idea was later scrapped during the building process, recent issues are making it impossible to avoid anymore and it's nearly a fait accompli that PSG will end up building such a structure over one of their training pitches to accommodate the first team when the conditions are bad enough that they disrupt their sessions.