PSG planning to sell a minority stake by mid-2023

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The late-year reports about the potential sale of some PSG shares to a third-party investor could be on their way to becoming a reality as reported by Ben Jacobs of CBS.

According to Jacobs, "three new potential shareholders have made an offer" to QSI to buy a minority stake in PSG. Discussions are expected to keep going as we enter the New Year and they "will continue over the next few months" with an expectation of concluding "before the summer of 2023," says Jacobs.

"Qatar Sports Investments (QSI) is preparing to sell up to 15% of its stake" in PSG if Jacobs' report is to be believed.

The note, published by the reporter of the American outlet CBS on Dec. 30 right before New Year's Eve and ahead of the matchup between PSG and Lens on Sunday, includes an interesting nugget in Jacobs' proclamation of "two (investors) based in the United States.".

According to Jacobs, "three formal offers" have already been submitted to the Parisian club, led by president Nasser Al-Khelaifi.

The size of these offers also varies in a clip ranging from "5% to 15%" of the shares according to Jacobs' sources. All of the potential investors are working under the assumption and acceptance of the valuation of PSG by QSI at more than €4B.

According to Jacobs, Al-Khelaifi will only sell shares to one single investor.

Jacobs predicts that the sale (if completed) will be arranged in the "first half of 2023" and "finalized in the second half of the year at the latest".

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This move shouldn't be seen as an eventual and potential way out of Paris started to be built by QSI ahead of a future exit, but actually as an improvement on the business end between PSG and QSI with the potential "acquisition of another club (the Qatari contingent already bought shares of Portugal's Braga) in the coming months."