PSG Feminine: Fans reactions after loss against Lyon

PSG Feminine and fans
PSG Feminine and fans / Eurasia Sport Images/GettyImages

Paris Saint-Germain officially lost the D1 Arkema title to rivals Lyon after losing 1-0 to them on Sunday evening.

It was a hard-fought game and a balanced one in terms of both teams' performing levels, but Signe Bruun was the deciding factor late in the match and the woman to set the sides apart eventually winning her team their D1 title with a header in the dying minutes of their meeting.

PSG have now lost out on all the trophies available to them this season. Going out in the Women's UEFA Champions League, failing a win in the final of the Coupe De France, and now not doing enough for the D1 Arkema. It's fair to say it's been quite a disappointing season for the Parisian side.

Fans were quick to show their frustration with the season, despite the squad having several injuries in players like Marie-Antoinette Katoto, Barbora Votikova, and recently Kadidiatou Diani.

The supporters of the Rouge & Bleu claim the season's failure is down to a poor transfer window and the lack of consideration of the injury of the team's leading player, Katoto who suffered an ACL injury last July.

Fans have also shown their disapproval of manager Gerard Precheur and believe he isn't the right fit to take this Paris Saint-Germain team to where they should be.

"Fortunately, Diani has been stratospheric this season to keep us in contact with Lyon, but for the rest of the team, they just weren't there. The coaching and the management of certain players raise questions, without forgetting the starving recruitment in the off-season."

A accurate statement about Diani, who kept her side in for trophies this season.

"If we look at the hazards of this season, it's almost a miracle to have been close to OL for so long. Even in this match, there were opportunities, but Paris didn't take advantage of them; we will have to secure the project with certainties at all levels."

"Proud of the players who have absolutely nothing to blame themselves for. We are again paying for the waste of a disastrous transfer window, which meant we had nobody in front and the catastrophic coaching throughout the season. Now we must clean up the coach and recruit to return better."

"What an end to the season...." with sighing and sad emojis added at the end of this fan's message.

This supporter did not hold back in their beliefs of the poor decisions made by the club.

"Hire Precheur and don't anticipate the Katoto absence. You are wasting PSG players' talent. Our best players are going to leave, and they are right."

While this fan expressed anger with the season and the absence of titles, they also mentioned the players' strengths.

"Congratulations to the players for pushing until the end. Special mention to Kady (Diani), Sakina Karchaoui, Elisa De Almeida, Oriane Jean-Francois, and Grace Geyoro, who gave everything from start to finish; we are proud of you."

The frustration of fans is understandable. But, in the end, it was the injuries that resulted in this ending and put PSG in an unsurmountable position.

Paris Saint-Germain must focus on the upcoming transfer window, where they need to recruit players and extend the key ones already in their squad but with expiring deals next June.

Gerard Precheur's future is unknown, as he only signed on for a season. While fans disapproved of the manager, he did have his work cut out for him when he joined and then went on to endure a plethora of issues not entirely of his making. It must be said that he tried his best and was able to keep the team in contention until the end.

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Whether or not Precheur is the right fit for the side and the manager PSG decide to keep at the helm, I wouldn't say. Everything point toward a continuation and it's hard to acknowledge that as the right decision, but as for this season, he did try his best and fought until the very end.

There will be a lot of change coming soon at the club, is feels safe to say.