PSG Feminine announce Ashley Lawrence's exit

Ashley Lawrence, PSG Feminine
Ashley Lawrence, PSG Feminine / Franz Kirchmayr/GettyImages

Paris Saint-Germain Feminine have announced the departure of Canadian right-back Ashley Lawrence from the club.

While it was already known that Lawrence would be leaving the club in the summer due to various reports, both parties have confirmed that their journey together is officially over.

The 27-year-old won the first-ever D1Arkema title in the history of PSG Feminine two seasons ago and claimed two French cups.


Paris Saint-Germain posted their new #Merci goodbyes and followed that up with, "We wish you all the best for the rest of your career!"

During her time at PSG, Lawrence made 175 appearances and 11 goals.

Lawrence became a crucial part of the team and one of the most loved players by fans. The defender has played her whole European career in Paris and now heads over to England, as reports have confirmed she has signed a three-year deal with Chelsea.

Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Bayern Munich also perused the possibility of signing her, but Chelsea will be her next destination.

Though neither the club nor Lawrence has announced anything, it will only be a matter of time, especially since her exit from PSG is now official.

Ashley Lawrence's leaving announcement

After PSG posted on their social media platforms that Ashley was on her way out club, Lawrence quickly posted her words and thoughts ahead of her exit.

A heartfelt message from Lawrence, who for sure will be missed by supporters and her teammates.

Lieke Martens, Jackie Groenen, and Ramona Bachmann all commented offering their love and support for Lawrence and said that she will be missed.

Fans of the club were also fast in showing their disappointment that PSG could not get Lawrence to extend.

PSG will now have to recruit a new player to fill the shoes of Lawrence, and names such as former Levante player Viola Calligaris and 17-year-old American Gisele Thompson have been linked to the takeover.

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For now, nobody has been signed or had any significant news emerge. We all wish Ashley Lawrence good luck for her upcoming future!