PSG Feminine 0-0 Paris FC: Disappointing outing

Kheira Hamraoui, PSG Feminine
Kheira Hamraoui, PSG Feminine / ANP/GettyImages

PSG Feminine took on their city rivals, Paris FC, in a Sunday afternoon matchup. With the importance of the derby already present, PSG also had the added goal of securing three points to keep the hope of winning their second-ever First division title.

Sadly for PSG, they were only able to get themselves a draw and just one point, not exactly the outcome they would have wanted before the penultimate matchday of the 2022/23 season.

Paris FC would have come out the happier of the two sides, as they've now gone onto third place, have a point advantage over Fleury, and have a chance of playing European football next season. Good day at work for them, right?

Who started the game?


Sarah Bouhaddi

Defenders :

Ashley Lawrence, Oriane Jean-Francois, Elisa De Alemida, Sakina Karchaoui


Jackie Groenen, Kheira Hamraoui, Grace Geyoro


Sandy Baltimore, Amalie Vangsgaard, Lieke Martens

Ramona Bachmann did suffer an injury earlier during the week, hence her place on the bench, Though she did play 25 minutes of the second half.

Amanda Ilestedt returned to the squad after 13 weeks of being out for the Parsian side due to injury. Although she didn't play any of the game, at least she was able to be a part of the squad. Hopefully, it won't be long until she gets some game time.

Match Report

PSG highly dominated in possession at the beginning of the first half, but during this spell, there weren't any real chances for the side. Paris FC got more into the game near the end of the first 45.

In the second half, it was pretty equal; both teams had their turn with the ball; Paris FC had only one or two real chances when it came to scoring, nothing too important to mention.

As for PSG, a shot from Karchaoui was saved by the goalkeeper, but Vangsgaard had the chance, which probably should have put the title-racing side up a goal and maybe should have given them the win, but nothing came from it.

In the 80th minute, Ramona Bachmann had a go in front of the goal, which was unsuccessful; Sandy Baltimore was there when the ball rebounded, and it felt like that would be the moment but the ball wasn't able to make it past Paris FC's keeper.

Overall, Paris FC came more than prepared for whatever PSG would throw at them; they had a solid defense that was alerted in every situation and a goalkeeper they could rely on.

But that wasn't the only reason for PSG's hardship; despite their few chances here and there, when it came to going forward and getting the goal, they were sloppy and not clinical enough. Yes, Paris FC was good when it came to stop them, but PSG wasn't good enough in front of the goal. And that was mostly the reason for the 0-0.

Where does that leave Paris Saint-Germain Feminine?

On Saturday, Lyon were 3-0 winners against Dijon, putting them on 55 points and firmly on first. PSG needed to get their three points, but one point is what they took; they are now 52 points, three behind leaders Lyon.

There are only two remaining league matches before a winner is decided, and for PSG to win, they will have to claim six points out of six in the next games. But saying that, Lyon would have to be unable to win their next two games. They play PSG next and then Reims on the final day.

So, PSG will have to put in the hard work and not settle for any more disappointments, but mostly, they'll have to hope that Lyon will not be successful in their two remaining games. Even Lyon losing one game wouldn't be enough due to the goal difference.

It's looking unlikely that PSG will be bringing the title to Paris this season, as Lyon not winning any of their remaining games is a pretty hard image to imagine.

But, in football you just never know.

Next up, there's a break for PSG in the league, and instead, they'll head to Orleans, where they'll play against the team who stands in their way for both titles, Lyon, in a bid for the French Cup.

PSG are the current holders of this trophy and will hope they can keep a hold of it for longer.

For that to happen, they'll have to be a lot better than they were against Paris FC; a big occasion calls for a big performance.

PSG defeat Troyes 3-1, increase their lead in the league. dark. Next

Whatever happens, it'll be a match to definitely watch.

Saturday, May.13th, is the date for this super match.